Aerial yoga class: Your true exercise gym!

After the introduction of aerial yoga at the beginning of the 21st century by Christopher Harrison, aerial yoga class has now become a popular term in the yoga community. Modern research also shows that it has a significant impact on our bodies and mind as well. Though much aerial yoga poses manual PDFs is available online, yet aerial yoga for beginners is encouraged to join aerial yoga class around your location.

What is aerial yoga?

New to the concept of aerial yoga? It is like traditional yoga but on air with the help of a yoga trapeze or yoga swing or aerial yoga hammock, or whatever you call it. Aerial yoga is now regarded as an inversion exercise by Chiropractors worldwide. Study shows that doing yoga in the air for a few minutes is equal to workout power exercise for much time.

Aerial yoga classes

Indeed, there are many aerial yoga tutorials you’ll find on the internet about aerial yoga tips. Almost yoga trapeze manufacturers now provide aerial yoga sequences in the manual either electronic or hard copy. But initially joining an aerial yoga class may help you to overcome nervousness and your yoga journey very well. 

Aerial yoga classes near me

As aerial yoga is now becoming popular day by day globally. So, you can now easily enroll them by searching aerial yoga near me. Many studios now offer aerial yoga classes. Just type the city name where you live and write aerial yoga class. You’ll find it easily.

Aerial yoga Brooklyn

Aerial yoga NYC

Aerial yoga NJ

Aerial yoga class video

As we found earlier that aerial yoga body transformation is the ultimate step by which we gain through aerial hammock yoga.

There are tons of free aerial yoga classes on Youtube. These aerial yoga classes online are extremely helpful for beginners to advanced practitioners.

We quoted here such kinds of hammock yoga tutorials for you.

Mind here that, while performing aerial yoga at home, you need to hire a handyman for installing other yoga hanging sources like a ceiling, yoga trapeze doorway, etc. in case you don’t use a free-standing hammock stand.

Aerial silks classes

Both silk yoga and aerial yoga sound the same. Still, there are differences according to format. Aerial silks yoga or flying yoga requires more training than aerial hammock poses. Yoga aerial silks have two ends on the ground in opposite aerial hammocks or trapezes. We quote here some aerial silks video tutorials here.

Aerial silk classes near me

Just as in the earlier mentioned guide, there are also available studios in your city. Search on Google or another SE, you can easily reach your required studio.

Preparations before going to Aerial yoga classes

After enrolling in any aerial studio, you need to get prepared well for joining the class perfectly. These are the following:

-Wear loose yoga clothes

-put off all ornaments, glass, and wristwatch

-take a folding mat

-take a towel 

-water bottle etc.

Remind her, before joining aerial classes, to make sure you get snacks at least one hour before. Cut out any nervousness. Follow, the instructor’s body poses what s/he demonstrates.


Doing yoga in both formats yoga with hammocks or yoga with silks requires minimal training. Though manufacturers now provide illustrated manuals about it, you should consult with an instructor for further safety.

In the gravity position, our body achieves much awareness, and inversion exercise is now a recommended exercise worldwide. By joining an aerial fitness studio or gym, you are going to step ahead for your ultimate healthy life.

Aerial yoga weight loss is also now a buzzing term by which we can easily reduce our weight through many calories burned within a few minutes on it!

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