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 12 Exclusive aerial yoga accessories & [2023]-you need to know!

What do you know about aerial yoga? Is it only the amalgamation of aerial yoga & traditional ancient yoga? Not at all. Aerial yoga accessories and supplies’ sports include dance, pilates, aerial acrobatics, calisthenics, and many more! Scroll now to know more.

Anyhow, the aerial yoga hammock is the main aerial yoga kit that makes it different from traditional yoga. To achieve the next level of perfect aerial yoga exercise, there are many aerial yoga supplies to learn.

We assemble here real air yoga accessories that support the practitioners in performing aerial workouts without any trouble.

These aerial yoga apparatuses are a must to do advanced flying yoga poses very well!

1. Leg Stretcher bar

Your leg flexibility allows foot stand on flying yoga poses very well. Right? This very customizable leg stretcher bar is perfect for you.

I like its unique design and its wrapping the segmented steel tube with ABS material. It allows anti-scratching for hands and feet as well.

Just hold the middle handlebar and stretch your feet at the farthest point. No matter, if you are a novice. After a consequent regular practice, your leg certainly goes to 180º position!

Moreover, height adjustable 6 holes are very user-friendly from 3.28 Ft. beyond. The high-quality SS steel tubes are lightweight, foldable, and very portable also.

The most mentionable features

  • Very beginners friendly.
  • Rubber grips are ergonomic.
  • Fits all kinds of fitness exercises including Taekwondo, yoga, and many more.
  • In the shortest length, it is 24.4 inches/62 cm, and in the longest length, it’s 42.12 inches/107 cm.

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What do you know about aerial yoga? Is it only amalgamation of aerial yoga & traditional ancient yoga? Not at all. I want to add more .And, these include  dance, pilates,aerial acrobatics, calisthenics and many more!

Anyhow, aerial yoga hammock is the main aerial yoga kit that makes it different from traditional yoga. To achieve the next level of perfect aerial yoga exercise, there are many aerial yoga supplies to learn.

We assemble here real air yoga accessories that supports the practitioners performing aerial workout without any trouble. 

These aerial yoga apparatus are a must to do advanced flying yoga poses very well!

2.Yoga Swing hanging ladder

How many bat poses have you experienced? I assume that’s not so many.Yes,I’m going to tell you about a unique yoga trapeze accessory and it’s Yoga Swing’s hanging ladder. 

Thanks to the manufacturer for performing near 101 cool flying cool moves with this aerial yoga frame!

This hanging ladder is an ultimate flying fitness equipment accessory that helps you 360º spinning from a single point aerial hammock.

Moreover, with it, you can easily perform the following workout as well. As, side pikes, instant reverse flying, aerial breast strokes, extension dive, reverse frog dive etc. 

Most importantly, this hanging ladder allows a long time staying on aerial silks fabric.

Watch here the live demonstration of aerial yoga trapeze exercise. from Omni Gym)

3.Yoga Wheel

While performing difficult or advanced yoga asanas or aerial yoga postures,it requires maximum body flexibility and backbend skills,the Shogun’s yoga wheel is a perfect pick!

By stretching back and chest,hips and abdomen,it energizes our body cell & tissue very well.

Indeed,it is a chiropractor recommended exercise. As a perfect spine massager of back opening,it increases our flexibility as well. 

The eco-friendly,durable,skid resistance TPE padding(¾ inch thinner ) allows cushion effect and comfortable.For this very reason,it offers  high strength support against flex or bend under any circumstances!

If you want to get rid of all unwanted tension not only just your neck and back but also all over your body,this yoga wheel is a must.

The considerable issue of using different sizes of yoga wheel

Out of three different sizes,the bigger one is back, side massage,stretching.The middle sized(10) is for medium pressured massage and the smaller size (6) is for focusing tight muscles on your back,legs and hips as deep tissue massage.

The mentionable features

  • Three sizes(6,10,12) and two available colors
  • A glossy instruction cards
  • A perfect pain reliever of every joint;
  • Excellent to open shoulder, sides and improving stretch, flexibility
  • The three sizes are best for different particular purposes.
  • As a perfect spine massager of back opening, it increases our flexibility Upcircle seven wheel from Amazon)


4.Larger Manduka Prolite yoga mat 

Out of six different yoga mat models,Manduka Prolite design is the most positively reviewed traditional yoga mat as well as aerial yoga mat.

This eco-friendly and excellently thicker(4.7 mm)  mat are two different shapes one is longer (6.9 Ft.) and the second one is standard sizes(5.92 Ft.) in length.

The Manduka mat is simultaneously eco-friendly, non-toxic and  100% latex free simultaneously.

It offers ultimate comfort and thus prevents aerial yoga hurts perfectly!

 This Manduka all purpose mat prevents sweat with its closed cell. So, you needn’t be worried further with its moisture as it can easily be cleaned while doing aerial yoga at home. 

The most mentionable features

  • OEKO -TEX certified mat.
  • Moisture resistant mechanism offers easily washable soap and water.
  • It works perfectly with a yoga towel, hence you needn’t buy it further. It is certainly far more dense than the typical yoga mat you have ever found!
  • This mat highly supports head stand, foot stand and handstand poses very well. These are common for the beginners to advanced aerial yoga trapeze poses.
  • Both sides are non-sloppy.
  • Very durable.

Moreover, this yoga accessories mat is a great budget friendly in the Amazon store. It has available exclusive colors as Midnight, Indulge, storm colors etc.

5.Handstand Canes

The H-base handstand canes spice up your sky yoga from aerial yoga rig amazingly!

It allows increasing shoulder stretching from 12 inches to 15 inches as well.

Simultaneously, it strengthens our hand balance and stability, getting a complete inversion benefit.

Mentionable features

  • Weight supported 250 lbs.
  • No extra lacquer added, so always natural wood feeling
  • Simple assembly and disassembly with a Phillips screwdriver.
  • You can use it with 3 mm thicker yoga mat

6.Yoga Evo straps for stretching

The spandex yoga strap from high quality cotton helps drastically warming up the body and deepening flexibility within a few moments.

While stretching, we relax our muscles around the joints. Thus, it increases our body motion as well.

So, you can easily assume your  flexibility limit  and control your body during aerial hammock postures!

We notice  its material -special cotton blend that is against the traditional nylon based.

Moreover, the 10 soft and stretchy loops help the practitioners using the strap simply. As,you don’t need to tie it separately.

What we noticeably  observe about this yoga strap

  • Evo provides two hours HD video instructions with poses
  • This strap is eco-friendly and ergonomic.
  • It is neither a pinch screen nor burn hands when in long poses.
  • It comes 140 cm long and 3 cm wide in non stretch but it easily turns to 280 cm long at the highest stretches.
  • Excellent for stretching thoracic and lumbar.
  • Customizable with any tensions with it ten loops.

7.Neck traction device

When we are in a sitting position for a long time in office or driving ,then our back muscles and neck’s nerves get stiff and create pain.

To relieve all those unwanted muscle compression, neck traction is an excellent way to remove all unhealthy hazardous.

In such cases, most of the physical therapists suggest neck traction exercises.

Indeed, neck traction is a must to cure your degenerated neck and headaches.

Out of many such kinds of traction devices, we found Yoga Swings© traction device is most portable, convenient and simple to use.

What features we notice here

  • There are three different connector points  for using it with any door, seat or concrete joint.
  • You can use two pads in the neck back and one is front and another way by using two pads together.
  • Including handles to control it. 
  • It  easily keeps in a tiny  little bag.

8.Yoga swing cushion insert

Are you worried about aerial yoga hurts /pain? Then, yoga swing cushion insert may be your best alternative to avoid such kind of little uneasiness.

In fact, it is a perfect aerial yoga swing accessory. You can simply put this cushion into the seated position of aerial yoga silks. 

By this way, flying yoga poses become easier and enjoyable as well. Especially,hand,foot stand and cocooned posture turns a funny exercise!

What we noticed here

  • Mild nylon cover allows  insert and remove very simply.
  • Dimension:36 inch(L) 6 inch (W) 1 inch thickness

(Check latest prices on Omni Gym)

9.Massage roller ball

Want to get you a cold or heat massage  for limitless flexibility? Then, this massage roller ball may be your best alternative to experiencing your expected temperature of heat and cold simultaneously.

Here, modern health massage therapy-cryotherapy and massage techniques are altogether mingled at the same time.

So, it is the physical therapist’s suggestions for relieving fatigue muscles. No matter whether you’re struggling with your degenerated neck, back, shoulders, buttock, chest, feet etc. 

The material of this massage ball is from SS graded high quality steel. Temperature gel exists on its inside. Thus, it’s the primary responsible to retain warm and cooling te02mperature for a definitive time.

How it works?

You just need to place this massager ball into the refrigerator for 15 to 20 minutes to apply ice therapy and simultaneously place it in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes to apply heat therapy in your certain degenerated part of the body.

NB: Mind here that you shouldn’t use this massager directly onto your body. To avoid frostbite and hypoallergenic issue, wrap it with any towel and use it.

What we notice here

  • Palm size, the 60 mm diameter ball is very portable to use anywhere!
  • It is a perfect ice and heat therapy massager.
  • Very much  suggested for myofascial release and stiff muscle.
  • An excellent cryosphere to relieve deep migraine pain
  • A smart massager with 360º rolling to prevent  any musculoskeletal  injuries.

10.Wall suspension unit

If you are hesitant to hang your yoga swing from your ceiling stud and also your house accommodation, then the wall suspension unit is an excellent idea to hang your yoga swing.

Cause, it saves a lot of space with which you may struggle.

Yoga Swing offers this suspension unit separately for just a few bucks. Thus, it comes as an alternative of aerial yoga stand perfectly 

How it works

The manufacturer provides all mounting accessories including bolt and wall bar to install it perfectly. Hang your aerial yoga clothes and get lost in flying postures!

(Omni Gym)

11.AB straps

Worried about your abs and core? While performing aerial poses, abs may hinder you from working out perfectly. The AB straps by Yoga Swing is an amazing pick to reduce your abs!

With this ab strap ,we strengthen our core and decompress our spine simultaneously.

Thus, we get many benefits with this ab straps core blaster. It

-Strengthens hanging positions from arms.

– Strengthens our focus and concentration.

-Energizes every side of the core including backs, obliques and abdominal muscles.

– Impacts on full body muscular control as gravity works here much.

What we notably notice with these straps?

  • This recycled nylon made strap is sturdy and very mild.
  • We can easily connect it with yoga trapeze hanging sources or alone separately.
  • Very light weighty (only one lbs.)

13.Air yoga pose poster

The 101 flying yoga poses stated in the poster are two dimensional live action movement and three dimensional fluid movement patterns.

These poses spice up performing  aerial yoga hammock set with rigging equipment very well!

What we notably notice

  • Simply stated aerial yoga sequences by arrow signs.
  • High quality glossy paper poster.
  • Size is 34(L) inch27(W) inch. Very portable. 
  • Based on your fitness level ,you can easily fix the poses with the aerial yoga fabric as your expectation level.

12.Extension spring with hooks

Are you interested in feeling anti-gravity bounce in the mid-air? Then extension spring is ready to make you feel such kind of spacecraft travelling!

What we notably notice here

  • The zinc plated one spring has two strong big safety hooks in its both ends.
  •  Both hooks’ safety weight limit is 250Lbs( 125 lbs. each),so you shouldn’t worry about your weight.
  • Without stretch, the length is 8 inches but with weight it goes to 12 inches as well.
  • A one year parts warranty and 30 days money back guarantee.

Wrap up

We tried to mention here all necessary aerial yoga supplies that will help you to reach you the next level of getting aerial yoga benefits.