The crazy ideas of Yoga trapeze & Aerial yoga equipment!

In fact, aerial yoga or aerial yoga equipment is not a new term at all. Yoga is an ancient term in the Indian culture where the saints & yogis perform mind-body workouts to reach the next level of meditation.

Modern yoga guru BKS Iyengar narrated more than 200 yoga asanas in his bestselling book-” Light on Yoga” (Popularly known as The Bible of Yoga, in 1970). Here we first notice doing yoga poses with yoga props like ropes, blocks, chairs, and other external improvised yoga slings.

Indeed, yoga trapeze is the developed term of the prior yoga prop-rope!

Pic: B.K.S Iyengar performs yoga hanging on the rope.(Source: YOGABODY)

Development of aerial yoga concept

Hey, Are you new in the aerial yoga world?

Aerial yoga is the modified form of traditionally practiced yoga and comes in mid-air with aerial silks or fabric. Now, we name it yoga trapeze/yoga swings/yoga hammock, etc.

Generally speaking, yogis or practitioners frequently feel hard to do such kind of traditional difficult yoga asanas.

On the other hand, the yoga trapeze helps you perform many difficult yoga poses that are impossible or painful on the ground!

Moreover, it is also a superb way to do inversion exercises.

You may know that an inversion workout has numerous health benefits.

Pioneer of modern aerial yoga and yoga swing

Indeed, hanging from the yoga trapeze swing is not a new concept at all after the introduction of Iyengar’s yoga props!

Christopher Harrison, a renowned artistic director, and celebrity established the fitness brand Antigravity® in 1991. Since then, he innovated some essential apparatus to reach the highest levels of aerial performance!

”Silk hammock” is a newly added term in the fitness movement vocabulary by him. Mr. Harrison adopted the aerial movement mechanism with this silk hammock.

Later, he spread his professional knowledge about aerial workouts. Gradually, it turned into the modern buzzing word aerial yoga.

Mr. Harrison experimented much about the impact of aerial yoga benefits on human health. Accordingly, he patented the trademark of “AntiGravity Yoga & Fitness.”

This trademark of health and fitness technique model is now ideal for hundreds of gym and fitness centers in more than 30 countries.

The gradual development of yoga trapeze & YOGABODY™ 

Whenever Iyengar showed yoga poses on the ropes, that concept gradually became popular in the yogis’ community.

Today, aerial yoga is now easily possible with the help of modern yoga trapeze. At present, the yoga body trapeze is a very influential name in the aerial yoga world.

Lucas Rockwood, a famous yoga enthusiast, trainer, and TEDx Speaker, left the USA in 2003 and established YOGABODY in 2007, in Barcelona, Spain. In that studio, he experimented with the available yoga trapeze and got encouraged to produce the best yoga swing for the excellent experience of aerial yoga and inversion exercise!

What is the best yoga trapeze?

After the Yoga body yoga trapeze’s successful launch, many aerial yoga enthusiasts and fitness brands produce yoga swings now.

We list some trusted best yoga trapeze and yoga hammocks after comprehensive, thorough research on yoga trapeze reviews. These are-



INTEY aerial yoga sling

CO-Z Yoga Trapeze kit

Healthy Model Life

To know more about these, find our Trapeze pro-guide.

Pick a proper yoga trapeze to stand to spice up poses!

A straightway, free-standing yoga stand amazingly helps perform aerial yoga poses very well!

Besides, the yoga swing stand, we can get hung trapeze yoga from any suitable hanging source.

Those range from ceiling hooks, doorway frames, pull-up bars or portable tree branches, etc.

We list here exclusive yoga trapeze stands for any level of yoga trapeze users!

Yoga body yoga trapeze stand

Are you new to the yoga trapeze world? Now, I will tell you a fantastic inversion air yoga prop to experience the ultimate yoga trapeze health benefits. Yoga body stands for yoga swing, is one of the best-rated and very much portable yoga stands!

As a perfect pick for a yoga swing with a stand, the YOGABODY™ trapeze stand possesses some excellent features!

The rock-solid design is excellent for hanging yoga trapeze, yoga swing, or hammock simultaneously.

Installation is very simple. It has just two adjustable settings. The removable pipes are very portable.

Adjustable with any kind of surface area-uneven, grassy, shallow water bed, etc.

Each four-pole has rubber feet. So, these are anti-scratch for any ground.

Moreover, you’ll like its safety weight load capacity. It can easily carry 600 Lbs/272 kg. So, whatever is your weight, you can do trapeze yoga or other multi-functional workouts equally!

Substitutive of yoga trapeze stand 

Besides free-standing yoga trapezes with stands, the most used alternative aerial yoga equipment sources are –

Doorway frame bar

2. Ceiling hooks

3. Tree branch

To know more yoga trapeze stands-click here and here.

Yoga trapeze setup 

At present, yoga trapeze manufacturers provide everything in the package, as yoga trapeze for beginners find it very helpful to install yoga swing in any indoor or outdoor location.

Based on the brands’ package, there are multiple options for the yoga trapeze setup. You may need to buy that aerial yoga equipment separately.

Get our full guide to yoga trapeze installation.

Yoga trapeze video

The trapeze yoga video greatly relieves your to cut worries about a yoga trapeze workout!

Find here some helpful trapeze yoga video tutorials.

YOGABODY and Yoga trapeze classes

As an entrepreneur, Lucas Rockwood also founded Yoga Teachers College. There 4000 + certified yoga teachers get exclusive yoga trapeze training. Besides, Lucas initiated traditional yoga training.

YOGABODY’s yoga trapeze online upcoming pro-class schedules are now trendy trapeze yoga classes!

Aerial yoga near me: Get your suitable yoga trapeze class near me!

Yoga trapeze class undoubtedly gets more importance day by day among the yoga community!

Beginners find it nervous to start yoga swing poses as an improper inversion pose to get hurt.

No matter your location! Are you in New York, Los Angles, or London..?

Search it through “Yoga trapeze near me” and avail the global health professionals recommended inversion yoga workout with yoga swings!