The complete Omni Yoga Stand review: Details and guide[2024]

Do you really consider picking an awesome aerial yoga stand for working out aerial yoga at home? Then, the Omni Yoga Stand may be your best alternative as the best aerial fitness rig. Indeed, it is the notable yoga stand that meets quality, portability, and convenience at the same time.

               In  2001, as a part of movement medicine, noted physical therapist Antonio Cardenas invented the Omni yoga swing and yoga stand to spread his vast knowledge about inversion and decompression therapy.

              As a true family business, Omni Gym is now a recognized and supportive health-conscious center for all.

                This Freestanding aerial fitness rig comes to support you simply carrying in the airport check-in baggage and is very convenient to use indoors or any preferred outdoor spot! 

           Omni gym yoga swing review is now a handsome search term in the search engine(SE). Notably, it relieves you separately from buying trapeze extension straps.

     So, what do you think now about the original Omni Yoga Stand? You can easily use it with your already collected yoga trapeze/hammocks or yoga swing. Both the manufacturer and yoga trapeze stand Amazon separately provide or in a bundle package yoga swing and yoga stand.

               Still confused and hesitant? Let’s explore the overall specifications of it.

 The aforementioned features of the Omni Gym Yoga Stand

  • The swing stand design comes from a renowned physical therapist Tone Cardenas PT.
  • This is a height-adjustable stand. It has 7.11 and 8.2 inches options.
  • 360º swiveling is available.
  • The round metal tubing is an industry-standard aluminum alloy.
  • A single man can simply assemble and disassemble it.

Specific Particulars

  • Weight:53 Lbs./24 kg
  • Max. weight capacity:300lbs/136 kg
  • The circular base diameter is 7.6 inches.
  • Total interlocking parts:19 pcs. Easy to carry or check-in/storage.
  • Poles: Circular:06


  • Three connector tees: To connect all base poles to the vertical poles.
  • Triplex: One tripod top-piece connector

Why did you choose Omni Yoga Stand? 

Indeed, there are certainly various reasons why you should consider Omni stands other than available yoga swing stands in the market. We shortly describe here.


As we know no product is 100% satisfiable. Omni yoga swing also has some limitations.

It doesn’t provide any carrying cases. So, you need to manage a duffel bag or get a heavy-duty bag from Amazon or a local store.

Omni gym yoga swing/trapeze 

This noted manufacturer offers a bundle package yoga swing with a stand. As you may already know, it is the earliest brand(since 2001) in the air yoga world. Indeed, featuring with cushioned sling, this yoga swing is unparallelly unique!

Features of Omni yoga trapeze/swing

Omni gym yoga stand
  • The Omni Swing Pro comes with a friendly design for all levels of practitioners to heal and strengthen the body.
  • Fabric is ultra-mild and durable.
  • Height adjustment loops of handles offer very customizable usages.
  • Extra added pad offers in the long sling more comfortable.
  • Cushioning allows hundreds of different poses without any trouble.
  • Comfortable fabric sliders instead of plastic sliders.
  • Multiple installation option-yoga a stand, ceiling beam tree, etc.
  • 07 beautiful colors.
  • Safety clip hooks.
  • Duffel bag to carry it anywhere!
  • Instruction e-manual


  • Weight: 6 Lbs.(Swing, hooks, and handles)
  • Maximum weight limit: 500 Lbs.

 How to set up an Omni Swing Stand?

You need just 10 minutes to completely set up your Omni Stand. Here is the process. They’ll provide you manual, it is very simple.

After unpacking, first join 6 base poles with three T-connectors, then attach another 6 circular poles with a tripod.

Check the following video and install your stand now!

Wrap up

If you are still confused and worrying about picking the Omni Swing Stand, then we request you to read our full guide about its pros and cons.

We firmly believe you’ll gain from considering budgets and quality products after purchasing them!


As we consider Omni Stand is a multi-functional exercise stand as you can use it multiple ways with or without swing.

 Thanks to the manufacturer for its O-rings attachment point. You can simply use two swings on it.

Moreover, you can attach multiple accessories and easily convert yoga swings into hammocks.