5 exclusive doorway yoga swings bar [2024]: All you need to know now!

If you are struggling with your home accommodation for performing aerial yoga. Then, doorway yoga swings bar certainly will be the best alternative. Since, yoga trapeze doorway is a simple way for installing aerial yoga hammock. Hence, an aerial yogi needs to know bout thorough knowledge.

What is doorway yoga?

Door frame yoga  offers instant exercise than other free standing yoga trapeze stands or with yoga trapeze ceiling hooks/daisy chains etc.

What is a trusted aerial yoga pull up bar?

Indeed, the door mount bar is one of the most accessible sources to hang yoga trapeze or hammock from the home door. Indeed, this is totally hassle-free if it meets with your height requirements for an aerial workout.

Picking an excellent pull up bar offers worrying free aerial yoga in mid-air. We assemble here the best aerial yoga door frame bars.

1.Door mount frame bar by YOGABODY naturals

If you are in tense about the installation and hiring a handyman for the yoga door frame, then yoga body yoga stand frame is an amazing choice!

Just, check that your door frame meets at least 6 Ft. height and the span bar from 26 inches to  36 inches wide. You just require screw into place according to the instruction manual.

Thanks to the manufacturer for its high strength sturdy and smooth metal material and removable feature. Means, you can in and out it any time.

So, it allows you to use the chin up bar and yoga stand simultaneously.

Furthermore, it encourages beginners to use yoga trapeze very simply!


Dimension:20 inches(compressed) to 36 inches(highest stretches) longer 4.5 inches wide on each side.

  • It is designed to fit most standard door frames (26 to 36 inches) 
  • Weight:3 lbs./1.360 kg
  • Capacity:400 lbs./181 kg
  • Package includes: Mounting brackets and screws


  •  Installation is very simple and takes less time(near 10 minutes.
  • It has a multi-functions duty as aerial yoga or chin-ups, pull-ups or punching bags, etc.
  • The hexagonal shape makes you feel sturdy.
  •   It is a trustworthy product.
  • Very much convenient –you can take in or out during yoga exercise
  • Fitted for wooden or concrete door
  • Customer rating is 8.8


  • All kinds of inversion or hanging upside poses are not possible.

2.Door mount frame bar  by Sunny Health & Fitness.

Sunny Health is a renowned fitness product manufacturer based on Los Angeles(USA) & Xiamen(China). One of the most reviewed products of it is the door mount frame bar for pull up or chin up. Simultaneously, It is the best alternative to yoga trapeze stands.

Thanks to the manufacturer for the high quality chrome metal. It differentiates from other mount bars available in the market!

The weight bearing brackets with hard screws and foam padded slip -resistant handles are uncommon compared to many bars.

Besides, the length adjustability(24.5 inches to 36 inches) feature allows it to install almost any type of doorway.

Finally, workout aerial hammock over this bar significantly cures shoulder illness and other degenerated health benefits.


Dimension: 36 inches(L) 3 3 inches

Adjustable length:2 feet ½ inch to 3 feet ½ inch

Mounting bracket:02

Weight :03 lbs/1.360 kg

Weight capacity:220 lbs./99 kg


  • Adjustable length offers to adjust with any door frame.Two rubber bracket include in two ends, make it stable for exercise
  • Stainless steel gives sturdy & heavy support.
  • The durable textured hand pad provides extra comfort & anti sweaty.
  • Non-slippy
  • Significantly work on a concrete or wooden frame


It doesn’t provide any screws, so you need to buy screws separately.



3.Garrenfitnes Maximize Pull up bar

This is another great pick by our expert recommended yoga swing frame bar. Yes, we notice this one is from heavy duty chrome steel. So, it is safe and secured yoga trapeze doorway.

Thanks to the manufacturer for its three sets of different door mount! Two is for heavy duty and one is for medium duty as you deserve.

Besides, the length adjustability feature(From 26 inches to 39 inches) enables freedom of door frame bar.

These allow you to perform doorway aerial postures with almost any doors. So, it’s very handy. 

The high strength material and non-slip extra hand grips permit a controlled aerial yoga asanas  and pull-up or chin-up at the same time.


  • Dimension: 27.56 1.97 1.97 inches
  • Weight:2.2 lbs./1 kg approx.
  • Weight capacity:  Heavy duty door mounts :300 lbs./136 kg                                                          Medium duty mounts:150 lbs./68 kg                                                                                                                                                


  • Two types of different mounting hardware are very handy.
  • A manual on safety usages and installation available.
  • High quality and very sturdy design.
  • Very comfortable grips
  • Cheap price
  • Amazing customer rating:9 out of 10


  • The padded area is a bit narrower. So, you can’t grip widely, but it’s a silly issue.


4.Teeter EZ UP inversion and Rack system

Are you acquainted with dual bar design? Yes, this Teeter’s(the name from Roger Teeter) pull up bar is a unique tool for inversion, chin up, pull up and hanging suspension elements as well.

Indeed, this bar system is an exclusive way of performing aerial  yoga  with limitless postures very well.

Thanks to the manufacturer for its convenient design. It offers dual self locking, ratchet buckles for the secure fit. Means, it allows a very simple yoga door frame set up.

Furthermore, we like its adjustable length(28 to 36 inch wide )  for all types of yoga trapeze doorway.

Finally, scratch -resistant powder coated high quality material with faster assembling and removal makes this bar awesome for aerial yoga and other multi-functions simultaneously.


  • Item weight:15 lbs/6.803 kg
  • Maximum user weight capacity:250 Lbs.
  • Instructional DVD with manual


  • Very simple to install it.
  • Upper bar is excellent for yoga trapeze swing, the lower bar for multi purposes.
  • Very sturdy, well made and functional
  • Perfect against creaking, crackling when inversion poses with yoga swing.
  • Creating no problem while closing the door.
  • Amazing customer rating.

5.Uplift active aerial rig top bar extender

Though it isn’t exactly a door mount bar, this extender perfectly fits with the height adjustable aerial rig to provide more space for the “A” frame aerial rig.                                                                                      

It  widens the yoga swing  frame up to 10 inches as well. 

Moreover, if you are struggling with  the   limitless aerial postures due to less of the top bar, it certainly spices aerial yoga exercises very well.   


  • Length:19 inches/48 cm
  • Weight capacity:310 lbs./140 kg


  • You can change the total width of the top bar.
  • It allows more extended poses that are difficult with the traditional top bar.
  • It makes easier spinning 360° rotation 


  • After adding top bar, rig wobbles more than normal 

How to hang yoga trapeze in doorway?

For installing yoga trapeze initially you require to twist in each side as well as tighten with their screw. Now check each side and try to twist it to make sure the bar is installed properly.

2nd step: Now hang your yoga trapeze with the doorway mount bar properly.

Then follow these two  videos’.

How to install your yoga swing?


Wrap up

Door mount bar is one of the best hustle & bustle free in comfort of using yoga trapeze at home. 

 The door mount bar is one of the most accessible sources to hang yoga trapeze or hammock from the home door . This is totally hassle-free if it meets with your height requirements for an aerial workout.