Everything in details about Yoga4you trapeze swing :Your ultimate guide[2024]

Are you searching for a budget-friendly and quality yoga hammock? Then, Yoga4you trapeze is the best alternative according to our research.

 A New Jersey-based non-profit organization, Yoga4you is the hard attempt by its famous members-Tiffany Mercer, Nicole Lepe, and Tonya Catando.

What is Yoga swing?

 If you are new to the concept of aerial yoga hammocks, then browse our trapeze concept. In brief, it is a yoga prop by which you can do an air yoga workout. We found that this modern antigravity yoga possesses less than twenty years of history globally. There are a couple of accessories that help us perform the yoga trapeze exercises completely.

 That’s the basics, mate. Due to its usefulness as capable of mind clear and abs burning fast, numerous manufacturers produce this antigravity yoga swing.

 Why is Yoga4you Swing exceptional?

Indeed, as we mentioned earlier, this hammock possesses both quality and is cost-friendly. Not only these two focused terms are the prime criteria to pick this aerial yoga swing set but also there is an excellent rating for aerial yoga swing on Amazon.

The main features of Yoga4you aerial yoga trapeze

As the best buy of aerial yoga swing, it has mentionable features that we are going to inform you about.

Complete package: Indeed, if you feel the hassle to pick up an aerial yoga hammock set with rigging equipment separately, then it is worth time, and money simultaneously. Also, there is tension about the guaranteed product.

But, if you pick Yoga4you hammock, the package covers everything you need to do for yoga trapeze poses

Silk nylon fabric: What do you know about Silk Nylon fabric? They are famous for fine finishing as well as reliability and durability. Furthermore, it is notable for skin friendly and elegant looking simultaneously.

So, the Yoga4you yoga trapeze set’s fabric is incomparable to most other swings that we find an available hammock. The durable soft 210T parachute fabric allows extra strength for doing sky yoga always!

Remarkable expansion straps: A pair of yoga trapeze extension straps is a very distinct feature of this Yoga4you swing package.

 In fact, two wide (02 inches) and lengthier (50 inches) yoga swing extension straps make your aerial hammock very much height adjustable with any yoga frame. This strap is sturdier and harder than many available daisy chain/tree straps on the market! The safety load of each strap is 500 Lbs. /226 kg. So, these two are heavy really.

High configuration: The triple stitched fabric gives 600 lbs. /273 kg safety load that a couple can easily get cocooned. Moreover, a bigger hammock seat (Dimension is 98″/8.2 Ft. longer and 59″ wider) and each expansion strap’s load capacity of 500 lbs is awesome

Larger installation option: We notably hail its two pieces of 50″ multi-loop climber strength extension straps. These amazingly allow height-adjustable installation with yoga trapeze stands. Perfectly to say, you can simply use your aerial yoga swing up to 11 Ft. hanging sources from your rooftop or tree branch.

So, yoga trapeze installation is now fun!

Comfortable exercise: Larger and higher configuration makes Yoga4you the best yoga swing in the context of comfortable and customizable options.

The double-layer middle part and all six foam handles permit practitioners to experience a soothing yoga frame exercise. In other words, it gives more customization options to make your own aerial yoga swing stand as you desire.

E-manual: Thanks to the manufacturer for their complete all in all details installation eBook about how to hang yoga trapeze doorway, ceilings, or from an aerial yoga rig. Moreover, there is an in-depth yoga hammock poses chart and instructions for seasoned professional practitioners.

  Advantages of Yoga4you

According to our aerial yoga kit’s feature details, we can easily assume that there are many pros and sides to picking the Yoga4you trapeze swing. We describe those in the following picture.

Disadvantages of Yoga4you

As we know every product has some drawbacks. But we find very few cons sides to this aerial yoga hammock set. And that one is lacking rigging hardware including ceiling hooks.

Because we shouldn’t expect all aerial yoga accessories within a single aerial yoga review. We are waiting to discuss your opinions about this concept in our comment area.


How to install Yoga4you yoga frame

Indeed, there are all methods of yoga swing installation ways to use Yoga4you trapeze! Yes, as a complete package, it gives you the freedom to use it in any indoor/outdoor hanging spot. It may cover a veranda, garage, or your backyard permanent swing bar.

 So, it’s upon you how to use this yoga swing to install an aerial yoga swing stand, yoga trapeze door mount, trapeze ceiling hooks, or hanging tree branches.


Yoga trapeze benefits

Are you new to the concept of inversion exercise? It has numerous health benefits –which you can’t believe! The exercise on yoga swing effectively affects the body and mind equally.

Out of the physical benefits, the following are the most mentionable.

-the antigravity exercise releases your muscle tension and instantly energizes you.

-it relieves your complete back pain in a non-surgical way.

-it increases joint health and body flexibility at the same time.

-it amazingly helps to improve your restorative health conditions.

-it helps to realign your degenerated spine and neck.

-it helps lose weight.

-inversion effectively works as an anti-aging.


Yoga4you trapeze gives you the maximum installation ways that you may desire. As a quality, durable, and almost complete package with aerial yoga rigging equipment, it is certainly unique.