12 Aerial yoga books[2024] for all time to know!

         Whether you are a newbie or an experienced aerial yoga practitioner, aerial yoga books are a great way to encourage aerial yoga postures from simple to advanced poses as well.

This is Perhaps, it is human nature to scan a book as it motivates more than a soft copy of aerial yoga poses manual pdf like here!

Besides, a live demonstration by an aerial yoga expert is never an alternative to manuals or books. Right?

If you are an aerial yoga beginner and little about the aerial yoga sequence, knowing a list of aerial yoga poses step-by-step manual significantly increases aerial workout. Isn’t it?

Perfect. Then, researching the available books and available aerial yoga tutorials, we list here are top-rated and elaborated aerial hammock yoga books of all time! So, Cool…

Mind that, when picking your deserved air yoga book, you should carefully pay attention to its author and simply narrate pose instructions with clear photos.

Souring with the soul: an aerial yoga guide-First edition

Having 100 stunning and vibrantly colored live photos, this book is our first pick because of its many particulars. Basically for the instructor as well as any level of practitioner, this air yoga book comes from very well-known international yoga instructor and nutritionist Holly Johnson.

This internationally certified aerial yoga hammock instructor, aroma therapist, and reiki master show her researched aerial asanas in a comprehensive way to explore the feminine heaven energy!

On the other side, a globally known yoga books publisher, Aviana Yoga LLC. published this 282-page paperback. 

Indeed, it’s a hot-selling book not only for its author but also for its true value of providing the real unison of mind, body, and spirit!

Applied anatomy of aerial arts: An illustrated guide to strength, flexibility, training and injury prevention 

Wow! What it’s subtitle is really impressive for all purposes for aerialists including trapeze, silks, and other aerial poses! 

The author Emily Scherb illustrated and explored yoga swing poses as well as aerial sling manuals in this book in a very lucid way!

Whether you are a beginner aerialist in anatomy and physiology, this book provides a lot of moves and techniques in aerial arts.

No matter, whether you are a little known for sports science, or are worried about understanding & preventing injury.

Thus, this book is a must-read for anyone doing Lyra, trapeze, rope, or silks as well.

Aerial yoga conditional manual

When conditioning of the body is a must considerable issue utilizing properly all hammock parts, this aerial hammock yoga book comes as a great way to fill the major gap!

The writer Kassandra Ferguson is a well-known figure in Scottsdale Arizona for her multi-yoga expertise.

I like this Kindle edition for its 60 step-by-step yoga air exercises poses in a detailed way.

So, cut your worry out now, as this aerial yoga instruction book amazingly affects and encourages the practitioners to get experienced flexibility, balance, and strength as well!

      What we highly observe in this book

    Unique and colorful photos A complete description from scratch to advanced aerial poses.

The quick guide to aerial yoga poses: Kindle edition

Do you maintain a very busy schedule? Then this pamphlet-type aerial yoga poses book helps you get warmed in a short and quick way!

This Kindle edition is also by a well-known Emily Griffith. It is not a total biggie other than descriptions with more insight in just 25 pages!

The Aerial Yoga Manual: Vol.1

What kind of aerial yoga postures do you wish to work out? This aerial yoga manual contains 100 simple pictures!

Ouch! This illustrated 144-page book comes with forty moves with the aerial hammock.

Out of the two sequel books, the first one fits perfectly for aerial yoga beginners to instructors simultaneously.

The author Rebeka Leach, a great aerial yoga instructor, arranges the detailed descriptions in this aerial yoga poses manual PDF.

Because of its practical dimension, this single part is very useful for beginners such as pigeon pose, plank, frog or trapeze resting pose, etc.

The Aerial Yoga Manual: Vol.2

Basically, for advanced practitioners, vol.2 contains chest opening poses, headstands, handstands, back arch, plank, hip openers, and many more.

One of the most mentionable features of this book is its curriculum nicely adapts to aerial yoga class! 

So, this volume is helpful for practitioners and instructors simultaneously!

Beginners guide to aerial silks

How many aerial sling manual PDFs did you observe?

 Beginners Guide to Aerial Silks is a fantastic in-depth book covering lucid explanations of almost all arrays of positions! 

The author Jill Franklin is a renowned global aerialist. In this book, Jill shows every aerial movement including spiraling the whole body, wrapping, and climbing.

In its introduction, Jill wrote this book “Beginners Guide to aerial silks- is not an alternative to instructor rather an inspiring and  assistant  tool to performing all advanced aerial poses.”


It not only sculpts but also burns calories instantly!

I like her quote “Keep it Simple Stupid”

Aerial physique fit: Gain the Strength of a Cirque Performer: The legs of a ballet dancer and the abs of a Pilates Pro

As the title suggests, this book has been illustrated for the aerialist and fitness manual as well.

The descriptive aerial poses here are not only simple but also explore the strength of a cirque performer!

Here the author Jill Franklin explores her decade-long experience of gravity poses to the principles and proven ways of our human anatomy.

Why should you choose this aerial yoga book?

Ok, This explanatory guide contains valuable instruction with methods of Pilates exercises followed by human anatomy and necessary fitness equipment as well. 

Later, the 158 pages contain a definitive area of our body separately to reach physical balance, muscle, and core workout at the same time.

This five-star rated book amazingly creates passion for fitness, and flexibility and is highly recommended for any level of practitioner!

Aerial yoga :The low Fly zone(The  Aerial Attitude,Vol-2)

This 80-page booklet contains 40 plus essential aerial yoga poses with detailed descriptions.

The writer Samantha Mellor herself is an expert on circus arts, aerial yoga, and aerial silks in Sarasota, Florida.

In these aerial yoga poses, she showed how to enhance her aerial repertoire perfectly!

If you follow, you’ll be able to increase body awareness off the ground from scratch to advanced poses!

Thus, any level of practitioner can simply follow these conditioning exercises to go to the next level. 

This means, the author explains here the gradual development of the aerial yoga routine.

Aerial hammock yoga

Our next pick is Aerial hammock Yoga by Emily.

Here, we vividly noticed the category-wise section. In this way, a novice or advanced skilled practitioner/instructor finds it very handy at any convenient time.

Later, the pink-colored pictures intrigue me to encourage aerial workouts without any fear!

You’ll agree with me that the author showed her expertise here by discussing trips and tricks of trapeze knotting and safety installation very completely.

So, no matter whether you forget to correctly install an aerial yoga hammock set with rigging equipment or aerial yoga flow sequence simultaneously, it assists you all the time.

Beginner Aerial Silks Poses Guide(The Aerial Attitude-vol.  (1)

Later on, as a perfect companion for your aerial journey -this “Beginner Aerial Silks Pose Guide” provides forty-plus basic to advanced poses with any time warming up and conditioning workout.

 Moreover, there are 25 + foot locks, wrist wrap, and basic inversion poses included in this book makes it different from many other aerial yoga book PDFs!

The author Sam Mellor, a Sarasota Warrior, in Florida, illustrated this manual with clear and colored photos very well.

What do we explore in this book?

  • Step by step simply narrated poses book.
  • Excellent for the beginners.
  • Well-written aerial yoga poses manual on stretching and other 

Our concern is that if the author regularly edits it and the publisher prints it on a quality page, practitioners certainly get more benefits.

The suspension Yoga Instructional Hand Book

This aerial yoga book is simply awesome because of its colorful photos and in-depth instructions.

The author Beatrix Montanile is the owner of the popular “The Flying Yogi” in Toronto, Canada. She got inspiration from the air yoga pioneer BKS Iyengar, in India.

Anyhow, in this 84-page book, she configured the latest finding of yoga trapeze pose. Out of hundreds of postures and exercises, we see here 47 useful suspension poses off the ground from yoga swing.

No matter whatever is your yoga swing brand! The large colorful pictures assist you all the time while you are in an aerial hammock.

Wrap up

Picking an aerial hammock book needs a wit consider multiple factors especially the author, clear and colored pose pictures, and description style.

After a thorough study and customer reviews, we find -that” Souring the Soul: An Aerial Yoga Guide”, “The Aerial Yoga Manual: Vol. 1-2” and “Beginners Guide to Aerial Silks” are positively biased.