Yoga blocks: 12 Amazing collections (2023)!

The globally practiced yoga poses recently are now becoming an easy popular beneficial exercise because of the awesome invention of yoga blocks/ props or yoga accessories. Yoga blocks & straps extraordinarily add a health value to prevent any precarious or difficult or risky yoga asana whether in traditional yoga on the ground or in yoga trapeze for aerial yoga. Thanks to manufacturers for the evolution of pine to modern best yoga blocks bulk to enable comfortable 101 more yoga posture.

Here, we picked 12 foam, cork & wooden blocks –which are very users & brand trusted. Let’s deepen through our guide for exploring of the best yoga blocks or cheap yoga blocks.

Top 12 Yoga blocks comparison for Beginners

Product  BrandPictureType of MaterialWeightSize (L x W x Thickness)  & PcCustomer RatingCheck Latest Prices
Giam Yoga BlockFoam1.5 Pounds9″ x 6″ x 4 -1(One) Pc9.2 Out of 10 
AmazonBasics Yoga BlockFoam11. 5 Ounces9″ x 6″ x 4 -2(Two) Pc9.6 Out of 10 
ReeHut Yoga BlockFoam5.4 Ounces9″ x 6″ x 3 -2(Two) Pc9″ x 6″ x 4 -1(One) Pc9.4 Out of 10 
Heathyoga BlockFoam  5 Ounces9″ x 6″ x 3 -2pc Plus  Strap9.6 Out of 10 
Hugger Mugger Yoga BlockFoam    12   Ounces9″ x 6″ x 4-1pc 9.4 Out of 10 
YOGU  Yoga BlockFoam/Cork   5 Ounces9″ x 6″ x 3 or 4 -1 Pc Per set9.6 Out of 10 
Yoga Block by Clever YogaFoam  7 Ounces9″ x 6″ x 34-2pc Plus  8 Ft. Strap9.4 Out of 10 
Manduka  Cork  block    Cork  7 Ounces9″ x 6″ x 34-2pc Plus  8 Ft. Strap9.4 Out of 10 
Hugger Mugger  Cork  block    Cork  7 Ounces9″ x 6″ x 34-2pc Plus  8 Ft. Strap8.4 Out of 10 
Cork  block by Peace Yoga    Cork  7 Ounces9″ x 6″ x 34-2pc Plus  8 Ft. Strap9.4 Out of 10 
 Bamboo yoga block by HuggerMuggerBamboo Wood  7 Ounces9″ x 6″ x 34-2pc Plus  8 Ft. Strap7.2 Out of 10 
 Bamboo yoga block by Wooden-LifeBamboo Wood  7 Ounces9″ x 6″ x 34-2pc Plus  8 Ft. Strap8.6 Out of 10 

1.Gaiam yoga block

Giam is the most popular brand in the yoga world. This has a multi-color option, ranging from strong hues to engraved & printed design. This dedicated manufacturer provides different kinds of blocks for different purposes as Foam,sol,athletic,cork,sol cork block etc.

It is a one-piece of the yoga block


  • The Giam Block is a perfect size & comfortable to grab.
  • Latex-free element
  • The surface is easily washable with favorite yoga spray cleanser or light detergent & can easily be dried either air or towel.
  • Measurement & weight is enough to deal with any kind of wobbling movement
  • Helping to increase proper alignment, deepen poses & thus increasing strength.
  • Very much helpful for restorative yoga.
  • Portable within as a duffel bag.
  • Customer rating is excellent,more than 575 customers reviewed very positively.


  • The blocks are light dense, so when supporting, some feel a little sinking down /over-extended than expected.
  • A little scratch prone-You need to keep away your cat from this one.

2. AmazonBasics yoga block

Dimension is 9″ x 6″ x 4 -2 Pc –per price

One pack includes 2 sets of blocks

Stylish & vibrant colors are available


It’s completely durable, high-density foam.

Highly appreciated by seasoned yogis for advanced poses & beginners for height & super flexibility to support doing the simple & advanced yoga poses

The surface is non-slippy, round edges are beveled -sweet comfortable.

Enough grippe & comfortable to workout for those whose wrists & hands are weak to do the posture.

Easily cleanable by brush, no scratch or dent.

The price is great. Only 5$. One Amazon customer reviewed “Two blocks for the price of one!”

Highly recommended by customers,more than 245 customers reviewed very positively.


Some customers reviewed these blocks are a little squishy & difficult for some specific poses.

Check Latest Prices on Amazon


3.ReeHut Foam yoga block

A trusted yoga props brand.

Available Dimension: 9″ x 6″ x 3 -2pc-per price

9″ x 6″ x 4 -1 pc –per price


Exclusively sturdy & cushy of the all-EVA foam blocks.

No chemical odor

Standing pose on it leaves no sinking mark or scratch.

More dense.

Beveled edges are very suitable for all kinds of yoga, Pilates workout ,physical therapy & dancers, etc.

Excellent customer rating-more than thousands customers reviewed.

Price is great.​


Pointing objects may split or scratch it.

Smaller handy persons may feel a little troublesome.


Does it supply one or two blocks?

Ans.It offers bigger block is for one piece per price & smaller blocks are 2 piece per price-so order carefully.

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4.Heath Yoga Block

This is a 2 block sets with one strap.

Block’s dimension: 9″ x 6″ x 3(L x W x H)

Strap Dimension: 0.15 ft. Width x 8ft. Length.


Latex free

This is EVM-foam material so anti absorbed sweat or unwanted liquid.

Straps are much helpful for beginners to seasoned yogis to increase the range of motion & durability of any hard pose.

Eco-friendly & bad odorless.

Great quality for long-lasting.

Fully slip-resistant, sturdy but not hard as cork one.

Excellent customer rating-about three hundred customers reviewed.

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5. Hugger Mugger 4 in.Foam Yoga Block

A very popular brand in the name yoga products industry,Hugger Mugger was founded by Sara Chamber,a renowned figure for yoga health based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Dimension:9L x 6H x 4 inches


Made from very durable recycled materials.

Edges are fully beveled & finished

Hard & dense to assist any yoga, Pilates or meditation poses.

Amazing durability

The surface is non-slippy & naturally textured to give additional grip & comfy feelings while working out any poses.

Super customer rating-more than 86 customers reviewed positively


A little pricey than other Foam Block

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6.YOGU Foam Yoga block

YOGU offers 1 or 2 pieces of EVA foam or cork wood with a metal D-Ring yoga strap.

Height is available 3” or 4”.

90-days satisfaction guarantee & 1-year warranty are available


Premium quality crafted foam or cork material

Highly dense,durable & slip-resistant

It allows nicely to prolong & deepen stretching any poses without compromising any yoga injury or stability.

Weight is light so can be packed or fitted into any gym bag or backpack for outdoing.

These do not sink.

Exclusive for restorative yoga as bad hamstrings

This block is widely used in US Yogastudios.

Amazing customer rating-more than 419 customers reviewed positively


YUGU blocks are rigid to travel with.

A little uncomfortable for knee poses

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7.Foam yoga block by clever yoga (Value package)

With the mission of “Created for yogis by the yogis”-Clever Yoga has now become a globally accepted yoga product brand.Amateur yogi Ellie Teng established in 2014 in Florida.

Physical features:

This block is one of the best bi-color blocks with 8 ft. strap.

Dimension is: 9×6×4 inch

Available colors: blue/gray, blue/purple & blue/light- blue.

The price is for one piece-per block.


Very lightweight, recycled, non-toxic, EVM Foam block.

Eco-friendly & bad odor-free.

Closed-cell to prevent any sweat or moisture so excellent stable for any sweatiest intermediate or advanced yoga postures.

Rounded & beveled edges provide extra comfort to yogis.

Long-lasting & easy to washable.

Very lightweight, so easily transportable for the studio, gym or outdoor yoga work out.

100% Namaste refund warranty for a certain period.

Amazing customer rating-more than 370 customers reviewed positively


The Manduka yoga block is a little pricey.

Check Latest Prices on Amazon

Cork Yoga Block

8.Manduka Cork yoga block

Manduka is a well-trusted brand name in the yoga health arena. It is established in 1997, in US. Manduka yoga block is available in the market since 2004. The company has a big community.

Physical features:

The dimension is 9″ x 6″ x 4 -1 Piece –per price

A little weighty:2.25 Pounds

Color: Cork


Made from 100% amazing cork oak trees, which barks are not allowed to strip below 25 years.

No chemical mixing during harvesting & manufacturing.

Super grippe as a block’s surface is naturally textured.

Heavier than another foam block, so easy to workout twisting, triangle, half moon or extended side angle pose without worrying any weight..

Continuous using doesn’t mark up any chipping or shedding.

Easily washable with a disinfecting wipe or spray.

Amazing customer rating-more than 370 customers reviewed positively


The Manduka yoga block is a little pricey.

Check Latest Prices on Amazon

9.Huggermugger cork yoga block

(A little dense or smaller than Manduka block)

Physical specifications

The dimension of this foam block is -9×5.5×3.5 inches.

This is a single block.

Lighter than a wooden block & heavier than a foam block.


Trusted by yogis

It is super sturdy & long durable..

All 6 edges are beveled or nicely shaped for providing extra support.

Its surface is naturally textured so very traction prone to grip.

Heavy to support any Iyengar, Ashtanga, Anusara, power or any restorative yoga workout.

Free from any off-gassing, natural & Eco-friendly.

Customer rating notable-more than 115 customers reviewed positively


Heavy not to travel with.

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10. Cork Wood yoga block by Peace Yoga

·  The package includes 2 sets cork wood blocks.

·  It is made from recycled wood or cork combo.

·  Size is more than average: 9×6×4 inch


Naturally anti-microbial.

These are very solid & dense.

Fully slip-resistant whether-carpet, tiles even wet grass

Corners are stylishly rounded

Perfect for any handstand pose.

Unpleasant smell free.

Portable to take it outdoor or bring in class…

More than eight (8) different custom design are 270 available

Wonderful customer rating-270 customers reviewed very positively.


Lie on pose on it as Fish pose(Matsyana asana) is uncomfortable.

Check Latest Prices on Amazon

              Wood yoga block

11.Bamboo yoga block by Hugger Mugger

Physical features: Block’s dimension is: 10 L × 6W × 4 H inch.

Weight: 2.49 Pounds


Naturally calm & pleasing material.

Inside is hollow-core but strong & sturdy enough to support the pressure of any yoga posture.

Easy to grip.

Long-lasting & durable

No sinking or scratching mark

No bad smell

Lightweight to carry 


Bamboo wood becomes slippery after a long workout

Check Latest Prices on Amazon

12.Amazing bamboo woodblock by YOGABODY

A popular yoga product brand.

2 pieces per set or price

Dimension: 7.6 x 5.5 x 4 inches

Weight:1.8 lbs per block(3.6 lbs total)


Heavy duty for handstand, arm balance, vinyasa asana, and back support or any restorative yoga poses..

Excellently crafted of natural bamboo.

Non-slip rubber bottom makes stable & saves yoga mat from unwanted mark or scratch..

Easily washable.


Blocks become slippery with a sweaty palm

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 A simple history of yoga props

In the best selling modern yoga books the “Light on yoga “(Also known as the bible of yoga, in1970), by B.K.S. Iyengar, the founder of yoga in the USA, narrates more than 200 asana styles.

Check more details

Iyengar firstly expressed some props which are essential beyond Indian saints to make body & mind together for general people. Yoga blocks are one of the best props which enable elderly, ill, injured or tired persons to perform any yoga posture.

How many types of yoga block?

The brick-shaped important yoga accessories, blocks are looking too alike but the material is different as yogis’ necessity. There have several kinds of yoga blocks are available in the market -foam, rubber or cork & wood or bamboo, etc.

Foam Yoga Blocks

Foam is very mild & squishy for the yogi beginners as they are very prone to get support. It’s dense & durability is different as the manufacturer’s constructions.

The recommendations to pick foam block.

It is made from very high quality certified recycled EVA foam.

Highly recommended for the beginners.

Yoga gurus suggest foam for an excellent level of squish.

These are lightweight than any other blocks.

. After repetitive use of foam, it doesn’t get slippery because of sweat.

It’s easily transferable.

It’s cheapest so get your foam block within the range of under $10. Go through our buying guide in-depth.

Cork yoga blocks

Synthetic & natural corks are available in the market. But yogis choose Eco-friendly natural cork blocks.

The bark of cork oak trees is the original source of natural cork or rubber yoga blocks. The Mediterranean countries produce hugely cork trees. This cork is hard, waterproofed, damp-proofed, recyclable & durable.

Some features of cork blocks

It is super grippe, even when wet.

Yoga gurus suggest cork for great balancing.

It is hardy & lusty, some can feel a little trouble when using it.

Its surface has natural friction so these are stable when using in different yoga asana.

It gives extra support for kneeling meditation on knees & under sitting conditions while bridge poses.

Cork is less ductile than foam, which sometimes provides a more tangible in the sense of stability

The surface of molded cork is extra comfortable to hold on 7 also lean on.

These are a little bit pricey falling range 10 – 20 $

Wooden yoga blocks

Hardwoods such as maple & birch, softwood as pine, teak or bamboo are the main source of wooden blocks.

The woodblock would stand up better to being stood upon than foam or cork blocks.

Some yoga teacher says they believe our third eye staying on between our two eyebrows. It is a natural wooden block that helps to open our sixth sense resting on the forehead.

It is slippery but easily washable and pricey than the aforementioned blocks, generally 15-30 $.

Bamboo yoga blocks

The naturally made yoga blocks from bamboo are lighter but a little expensive.

Foam plastic or rubber blocks

These are portable than cork blocks normally 200 to 400 grams but those are not for advanced yoga poses.

The comparative study of different yoga blocks.

FeaturesFoam blockCork blockWood block
Squishy/CompatibleSquishiest/ Much ComfortableSquishier/Less comfortable than foamNot squishy/ It’s a hard & elite feelings
Stability/GrapplingLessHigher than foamHighest stability
PortabilityVery lightweightHeavier than foam.Most heavier block.
DurabilityLess than corkLess than woodHighest
Cost/BudgetLess than 10$10$-25$15$-30$

How to choose the best yoga blocks

Based on beginners or seasoned yogi or for any level of intermediate athletes, blocks are highly recommended for yoga exercises. So, the consideration factors are decisive which may go on following ways -materials, perfect size or shape or whether these are budget-friendly yoga blocks.

The yoga blocks should be chosen this way so that it shouldn’t sink when we sit on it, it shouldn’t bow when we turn it on its height, and it shouldn’t wobble when practicing on its side.

 a) Construction materials

Yoga blocks are made of wood, bamboo, foam, rubber or cork, etc.

As a beginner, foam is suggested because initial poses need more stretched pressure or support.

For intermediate to advanced yogis or athletes gradually get flexibility so, wooden or cork yoga blocks are needed for the perfection of any yoga pose.

On the other hand, for the injured or ill persons who are advised to do restorative yoga –foam or cork block is sound for them.

b)Size or Shape

There are three to four different block sizes are available. The average size of is-9″ x 6″ x 3

It is recommended by most yoga teachers.

Foam blocks have the finest round edges than others.

c) Portability

Some practitioners, seasoned or beginners’ yogis or athletes like props to carry with their backpack. The weight & size of the yoga blocks is also a crucial issue especially for those who want to bring in the class or outdoor practicing.


What are yoga blocks used for?

It helps nicely in fixing proper alignment & maximum flexibility.

It supports to deepen body stretch or motion without a little hassle and prevent injury.

Beginners to seasoned yogis choose blocks as it props relaxed fully to do any asana.

It vehemently guards against any possible physical limitations or injuries.

It builds to grow our awareness about our mind focus on different muscles of different poses.

Blocks are awesome for inverting, twisting, standing, reclining or balancing poses, etc.

Yogis can place it in a suitable place or body parts-hands, legs, feet, under the legs & arms, between legs & arms, etc. easily according to posture when workout.

​Different Yoga block sizes

Benna Crawford, the yoga teacher cites that brick or block is unlikely the same yoga accessories. Most yoga blocks are rectangular cuboid. Manufacturers are now delivering stylish oval blocked, round-edged shape blocks.

Excellent –designed blocks offer three different sizes which are extremely helpful in the studio or home for different postures.

9″ x 6″ x 3: It is the average yoga block size

9″ x 6″ x 4: It is a little wider than traditional blocks

9″ x 6″ x 2: Thinner than average yoga blocks


How to choose a block’s types or shapes

Thickest blocks are not recommended for smaller handed persons as they will be hard for you to grip.

The thin yoga blocks can be useful for smaller handy as you are building up your flexibility and do not need as much support anymore.

Beginners are suggested to pick or use in the studio or home average size blocks: 9″ x 6″ x 3

Gradually when you are accustomed to simple to advanced poses then try another.


How many yoga blocks do I need-1 or 2?

1 block is enough for beginners, but 2 yoga blocks are very much helpful for difficult or advanced yoga poses while body balancing is a crucial issue.

           How to use yoga blocks

In the great book of yoga –“The light on Yoga” by B K S Iyengar, narrated 200 more poses of yoga asana.

In this great 546 pages book, he first felt the necessity of yoga props, where yoga blocks are encouraged to use.

Later on modern yoga guru Candace Moor & Sarah Powers, the yin yoga teacher, narrates many poses with blocks. In a summary line, Blocks are great to use three main focuses.

-Stretching, strengthening & support.

I’ll narrate here:

  Best 20 beneficial yoga block poses

1. Triangle pose

Also known as Trikonasana or Utthita Trikonasana in Sanskrit.

In this pose, the practitioner keeps two hands inversely sitting one palm on the block & another hand up.

Pic: Extended Triangle Pose with a wooden block.

2. Ardha Uttanasana pose with wooden blocks

Very useful & easy pose by Standing Half Forward Bend with wood block


Having seat on the block & bend forward to touch toes.

4. Cobbler’s pose- Baddha konasana

In yin yoga, this is also known as a butterfly pose. Block supports the knees in the seated position. doing Butterfly exercise, baddha konasana pose using block.

5. King pigeon pose or Swan poses in Yin yoga Eka Pada (Rajakapotasana) : Block supports in one buttock & deliver very useful forward tilt to the pelvis.

6. Elephants trunk pose or Shoulder pressing pose (Eka Hasta Bhujasana/ Bhujapidasana ).

It is a hand-balancing asana in modern yoga as exercise. Blocks are used here under each arm for ultimate balancing.

Pic source:

7. Utthita parsvakonasana Pose

Young beginner’s pose for the spine, Utthita parsvakonasana with wooden brick

8. Fish pose,in Sanskrit Matsyana exercise for spine and shoulders flexibility working out.

9. Viparita Karani exercise, using wooden block, working out.

10. Doing halasana, plow pose (yin yoga snail posture) with a wooden block.

11. Samakonasana pose with seated forward bending with blocks.

12. . Asian girl using yoga blocks for the jump through movement floating legs using abs muscles.

13. A young white girl performs a yoga asanas Four-Limbed Staff Pose, on Sanskrit Chaturanga Dandasana variation with yoga props (belt or block).

14. A woman stretches on Yoga blocks.

15. Back view of athletic woman sitting on a yoga block and stretching isolated on black.

16. Yoga Camel pose, on Sanskrit Garudasana with yoga props – yoga block.

This asana is an amazing stretch. It also tones the limbs, thighs, chest, and abdomen.

17. Leaning on a wooden block & sitting in head to knee forward bend pose doing Janu Sirsasana variation.

18. A woman practicing yoga in Angusthasana handstand pose with a yoga block.

19. Agni stambhasana POSTURE , Fire Log, Ankle to Knee pose, using wooden block.

20. Finally, the ending yoga practice with the coarse pose or Shavasana pose.

Young yogi finishes a workout. A great relaxing & meditating on yoga blocks.

Restorative yoga pose

This is one kind of restorative yoga practice which is very much recommended for practitioners suffering from injuries, stress, or illness. It is more time lengthy asana than traditional poses. Props, such as blocks, blanket, pillow, strap, etc. are almost essential for this pose.

Finally, yoga block exercises are a great way to get the ultimate yoga benefits. It relieves one to relieve tight hamstrings & create enough space to move our limb. According to yoga; our body likes as a temple or church of sacred. Doing workout by props, may yoga enlighten our full life with the best physical & spiritual health. Namaste!