X Pole A frame review guide: a complete note

Are you seeking a multi-dimensional aerial frame for aerial yoga, aerial fitness, static trapeze, low silks or aerial hoop? “The one is for all” perfectly fits with X pole a frame rig! This aerial frame offers very convenient carrying to use indoors and outdoors simultaneously.

With its creed “Leaders in pole and Aerial fitness”-X-Pole is a trusted manufacturer. Its message to the world “the Creator, the Dreamers, the Innovators…” have gained attention in all kinds of aerial fitness.

If you don’t want to permanently fix an aerial hoop stand at your home or want a suitable indoor aerial rig, this height adjustable exercise stand comes with many advantages.

Indeed, as a multi-disciplinary portable free standing  aerial rig, this aerial yoga frame saves you a lot about separate investments while you need those buying other yoga stands.

Let’s explore now to uncover the pros and cons sides of the X Pole a frame review and why should you pick it instead of it?


    • Stainless steel and aluminum.

    • Adjustable different heights from 8 Ft. to 11 Ft. 

    • Floor space needed 4.4 sq. meter (lowest height) and 8.9 sq. meter(highest height)

    • Four sophisticated telescopic legs allow it to be used indoors, outdoors, and in the studio as well.

    • 4.6 Ft./55 inches top bar allows for maximum trapeze settings.

    • 6.5 Ft./78 inches extendable top bar (Separately sold) is for more disciplines.

    • Multi-discipline-aerial yoga with trapeze or hammock, swap between silks and hoop.


There are many advantages using this lyra rig. Out of those, following are very mentionable.

Lightweight and convenient Indeed, X pole A frame aerial rig is lighter than other heavier aerial frames what we usually see in the market. These are easily foldable to carry or to check in when you are in air travel.

Anti-rust material: The X-pole a frame aerial rig comes from sophisticated Stainless steel with magnesium alloy. Means, it’s very sturdy and fights with rough weather conditioning. Cut your tension about sun and rain if you install it in your backyard or any outdoor spot. This durable aerial A frame rig is so demandable in the market now.

Customizable  footprint: X pole A frame footprint is  very customizable. No matter whether you are worrying about your own small apartment or rental accommodation. If you just have  5 Sq. meter space, you can simply install it. When in lowest height, the four telescopic legs require 9 sq. meter space.

Simplicity of assembly: The seven pieces of aerial silks frame are simple to install yourself alone. Just follow the X Pole A frame manual. If you are uneasy with it then scroll the following video tutorial what we mention here.

Two carrying bags: Unlikely other A frame aerial, the manufacturer provides two duffel bags. Means, one bag is for the frames of X pole A frame aerial rig and another is for straps, pins, sandbags and your snacks box as well.

Bonus items: The package includes extension straps. It allows you to customize your yoga trapeze heights according to your personal preference very well. The four sandbags included in the package, give your hoop stand very rigidity.


As we know every coin has its two sides. This freestanding aerial rig is not exceptional about it.

    • It is not suitable for flying trapeze.

    • It rocks slightly during use but when your body understands this ,then it minimizes gradually.
    • There needs to be two people  to assemble it.

Where to buy?

There are three options to buy it. And these are for US people and non-US people.

 From Amazon

UpLift Active(Formerly aerial yoga gear)(World wide)

X-Pole (USA & Canada only)


How to install a frame aerial rig

X-Pole a frame set up requires zero technical knowledge, as it comes with instructional manual and video. Initially, after unpack it, connect the 07 telescope legs with top bar, then  attach rubber pad bottom of the legs.

You need to ensure first that your floor space and height will adjust with the X Pole a frame dimensions. Then remind of the following instructions.

Wrap up

So, what are you thinking now? Any confusion or hesitation about our X Pole A frame review? If we consider the quality, X-Pole a frame assembly and affordable price, you can’t deny its uniqueness! Isn’t it?

Aerial yoga or whatever you perform suspension elements with it, this aerial silk frame perfectly works with lyra and yoga swing simultaneously.

As versatile, easy to use, and extra worth the money this X pole stand is really wise to pick!