KT Yoga trapeze stand: the exclusive deals [2024]

Are you considering picking a smart freestanding aerial rig? Simply but multipurpose, the KT yoga trapeze stand(indoor/outdoor) frame is an excellent choice for all levels of practitioners! Invented by Mr. Khanh Trinh, it is now becoming a popular brand KT Khanh Trinh in the aerial yoga world.

If you don’t want to fix any permanent structure at your house, you can trustfully depend on the KT yoga trapeze stand in the UK or USA without any hesitation.

  Isn’t it high time not to damage ceiling wall drilling or doorway structure for the installation of your aerial yoga stands?

Indeed, out of many yoga swing stands, you’ll find KT  indoor/outdoor aerial rig is very distinct. Not only its physical structure but also its strength and durability make it awesome.

Furthermore, if you are suffering from sciatica, herniated disc or bad spinal degeneration then, this yoga swing stand is highly recommended by doctors.

Thanks to the manufacturer for its A-frame type model that experiences quick gravity traction without bending legs and head upside down!


  • Height adjustable horizontal bar(185 cm-235 cm).
  • High-strength alloy steel.
  • Wobble free.
  • Hassle-free adding or removing other suspension elements.
  • Super graded foam grip.
  • Two different types of models- heavier(Weight 63.9 Lbs.)  & lighter(Weight 37.4 Lbs.)
  • Heavy-duty rubber pads on the feet.


  • Weight capacity:440.9 Lbs./200 Kg
  • Weight:37.47 Lbs./17Kg
  • The handlebar is 1.1 inch

Why should you buy KT yoga stands and nothing else?

KT Yoga trapeze stand

There are some definitive reasons/advantages you may consider while picking KT stands.

1. Simply foldable system: It gives you extra comfort after exhaustive yoga swing poses. As you need only 10 seconds to fold up it.

2. Solid and wobble-free: As a very well-crafted aerial yoga stand by a yoga guru, this stand minimizes up to 92% wobble!  So, you feel much more stable when you are in the air

3. Excellent force bearing: This means, it carries up to 200 kg(440.9 Lbs.) without any deformation of the original stand. You can simply perform other suspension exercises such as pulling up, crunching the bag, etc.

4. Simple to add or remove accessories: It is very easy to install foam handle grips or hooks with the main horizontal bar. You can simply add a swing seat for your kids to play.

5. Height adjustability: “Size doesn’t matter”-yes this maxim is very much applicable to this trapeze stand. Within 72.8 inches to 92.5 inches, you can simply set the horizontal bar according to your whole family members’ needs.

6. Reasonable footprint: It requires 44 inches 48 inches maximum spread range. This means you can set it in any narrow space such as a balcony, corridor, or any small room area. You can minimize it according to your suits.

7. Portability: Hmm, it is more portable & convenient to carry than many other available indoor/outdoor aerial rigs. As it weighs only 17 kg.

8. Multipurpose: KT makes your own aerial yoga swing stand for many purposes. Keeping in mind the load-bearing capacity(200 kg), you can use it for relaxation with a hammock chair, swing chair, or rope ladder for the kids, hanging punching bags, Olympic rings, a pull-up bar, and many more!

9. Durability: This aerial stand is highly protected with quality powder coating, so it fights against rough weather for a long time. Most notably, the total stand is from high-strength alloy steel.

10. Safety: We find the KT dedicated stand frame for aerial yoga offers higher safety for almost all beginners and intermediate aerial yoga poses. For the flying poses or using swing chairs for kids, you may need to use four sandbags for each of the legs or screw legs to the ground.

Disadvantages of the KT yoga stand

As we know every product has a cons side. KT  stand is also not exceptional.

Our team finds that the KT stand is a little difficult for one person to assemble alone.


In fine, the KT aerial yoga stand review shows us it possesses many lucrative features then we find many used yoga trapeze stands for sale or other yoga trapeze stands as Omni stands for yoga swings.