The best-rated folding aerial yoga mat[2024]

Hey, we assume you are searching for aerial yoga mats as for aerial gymnastics equipment or for yoga with hammocks. If these are your ultimate intent, you are in the right place, mate!

Indeed, many yoga swing poses like these require an aerial crash mat that helps you a lot as we studied earlier. Simply, it assists you in doing aerial workouts and yoga very well.

From whatever sources, you install yoga swings, this prop is an essential accessory as we are used to. This means if you use a free-standing yoga stand indoors/outdoors, doorway, or from the ceiling, an aerial fitness mat helps you a lot!

              What we cover here

  • Five sophisticated aerial landing mats for use indoors and outdoors simultaneously.
  •  Why should we use aerial mats when in aerial yoga class or any indoor-outdoor aerial workout?
  • What essential factors should we remember when buying an aerial mat?

    Best folding crash mats

After analyzing many mat reviews, we bring here the best five aerial yoga mats!

1.ProsourceFit Tri-fold folding thick exercise mat

Welcome to our first folding mat review and it is 100% five-star rated. Yes, you catch it. It’s a ProsourceFit mat.

“ProsourceFit is what it is today resource for anyone to create their own healthy  lifestyle and train like a pro.” 

Since 2011, a pro-graded manufacturer, they have produced affordable, portable, and accessible mats in the community. The material of it is very health-friendly. It protects our sensitive joints such as wrists, spine, hips, and knees very well.


Design: A studio-quality tri-fold compact design. This means you can simply fold and keep it in your duffel bag. The two handles offer easy and comfortable carrying to go with it anywhere! It is long enough to provide you with a full-body workout. If you do planks on the floor and aerial workouts then this aerial crash pad is totally awesome.

Quality material: Its vinyl surface is industry standard.  The quality thick cushioning is better than many other brands! Fabric strap handles are well made also.

Versatile usages: No matter if you use it for home workouts, personal trainers, yoga studios, or gym. It perfectly works for aerial yoga, tumbling, stretching, or other indoor/outdoor floor exercises simultaneously.

Durability: As we earlier said that it’s from  PVC material. It perfectly works against tearing or stretching for a long time. It requires low maintenance and is easy to store.

Easily washable: Yes, it’s waterproof. This means you can easily wash it with soap and wipe it as well. So, every time, you’ll enjoy your time with this aerial silk crash mat.


Dimension:6 Ft.(Long) 2 Ft.(width),1 and ½ inch thickness

Material: EPE foam and PVC

Weight:4.75 Lbs. /2.16 kg

Color: Black/Grey/Blue

Indeed, a foldable aerial silk landing mat or crash mat offers a versatile workout compared to an ordinary mat. The thickness of the aerial silk crash pad is heavier than a normal exercise mat as we see. So, whatever gymnastics exercise, yoga, or flying yoga you wish to perform, it takes minimal effort!

2.BalanceFrom Tri Fold Folding Exercise mat

Our next choice is the best-seller-rated BalanceFrom aerial crash mats. Indeed, we are going to tell you an epic 20k-rated aerial landing mat! 


Design: The BalanceFrom aerial crash pads come with a very user-centric three-panel design. So, this folding mat has versatile usages such as yoga, Pilates, aerobics, martial arts, relaxing on the floor, and many others!

Material: In fact, a healthy and eco-friendly mat always encourages working workout for a long time. These BalanceFrom aerial silks crash pads come from non-toxic lead-free material.

Unique surface: The surface is non-absorbent vinyl. This means you can easily wipe your sweat out with any yoga mat towel. Moreover, the manufacturer integrates moisture-resistant vinyl technology. The surface doesn’t slide around, it has a better grip when in the workout.

Durable: Its 18-ounce (Oz) puncture resistant offers long-time performance. The resilience offers the most balance when doing any workout on it.

Portable and convenient: It includes a carrying handle. It is very lightweight than many other available aerial hoop crash mats we find!. So, you can easily carry it to your preferred places- indoor/outdoor/studio, etc. This exercise mat is a perfect size.


  • Dimension:72-Inch(L) 24-Inch(W)2-Inch(Thickness)
  • Folded dimension:24-Inch(L) 24-Inch(W)6-Inch(Thickness)
  • Weight:3 Lbs./1.36 kg
  • Material: EPE Foam
  • Four: Blue/Purple/Pink/Black
  • Two years warranty

3. Best Choice Products Tri-fold Gymnastic mat

Maintaining the value of “great products, great service, and fast delivery”, a global fitness brand, Best Choice Products tri-fold exercise mat comes with many advantages to the practitioners!

The design, material, and quality make it totally aerial mat hammock. From young children to the aged people use it for inversion exercises like aerial yoga, silks, dancing, and even sleeping bags as well.


Design: This well-cushioned folding mat is a stylish faux leather design. No matter where you use it, it has a reasonable grip. So, it protects floors from potential scratches very well. It is very gorgeous stitching.

Material: This panel mat is made from high-density EPE(Expanded polythene)  foam. It perfectly softens your fall. The high-quality rubber-type vinyl makes it very durable. The nonabsorbent PU(Polyurethane) leather allows practitioners to use it for a long time. No weird smell.

Awesome mat: The design makes it very user-friendly. So, you can simply use it for multiple purposes. The unique design and material is extremely helpful for doing yoga, tumbling, Pilates, martial arts, and also for aerial silks crash pads.

Convenient: It is lightweight and the size is perfect. This means you can carry it and use it on the floor, or grass very well. Even young children may use it for stretching and single tumbles.

Con: No connected handles Velcro.


  • Dimension(Expandable): 6Ft.(L)2 Ft.(W)2-Inches thickness
  • Dimension(Folding):2Ft.2Ft. 6 Inches
  • Material: PU leather and EPE foam
  • Weight:5 Lbs./2.268 kg

 4. Lupit Pole Crash mat

Now we are going to tell you about a stylish and differently designed type aerial fitness mat of another zone. Yes, it is not, as usual, an aerial crash mat UK or aerial crash mat Australia or the USA, it’s from Slovenia, an EU country-based manufacturer- Lupit Pole.

As a trusted pole dance equipment producer, its crash mat is globally popular! Out of those reasons, it experiences innovative and quality pole dances as well.


Design: According to their message “Custom hand made with love”, they offer a very customizable aerial silks mat. The decorative double-stitch design is sturdier than many other available aerial landing mats in the store! 

Material: The materials come from high-quality EPE foam that passed rigorous testing very well. The underneath of the mat is from anti-slip fabric. It ensures you a lot of grip while performing aerial workouts without slipping.

Adjustability: This custom-made foam mat has two thickness options. One is for the basic level(8 cm) for beginners and another is for the intermediate or advanced level(12 cm). This means, according to your personal preference, it adjusts to your standard needs.

Portable and convenient: This aerial silk folding is very lightweight to carry it anywhere. The setup is very simple and faster. Furthermore, stitched handles make it very portable. The water-resistant synthetic leather cover is very handy simultaneously.


  • Diameter:1500mm/4.11 Ft.
  • Dimension:2.5Ft.(L)2.5Ft.(w) 1.1(H)
  • Weight:15.21Lbs./6.9 Kg

5. Z-Athletic gymnastic folding  mat

Now we are going to tell you about another epic mat and it is the Z-athletic mat by a former gymnastic coach. Since 1993 the manufacturer has provided the highest quality product and this crash mat comes with unique features compared to many other brands.


Unique design: This thick crash mat possesses a unique design. At first, it comes from industry standard closed cell foam. Then, the dimension of it is very handy to use indoors/outdoors as well. The three-panel design and excellent quality make it very unique mat!

Material: It comes from high-density cross-linked Polyethylene foam. It is sturdier but very comfortable. Means, it’s a firm mat with minimal sinking but gives you a soft landing. The surface is resistant with 18-ounce (oz.) heavy-duty vinyl. It allows a firm grip when used on the floor very well.

Versatile use: This aerial landing mat offers many versatile usages! The design and material allow you to do Pilates, aerial yoga or yoga, gymnastics, calisthenics, weight training, cheerleading, and many other things. You can easily use it with your doorway yoga frame, aerial fitness rig, etc.

Portability and convenience: The three-panel-designed folding mat has two handles. It is very lightweight. It offers easy travel and storage simultaneously. This means you can carry it to the yoga class or outdoors and tuck it after use as well.

Durability: Industry-standard polyethylene foam offers long-lasting performance. In fact, closed-cell foam lasts longer compared to standard open-cell foam.18 oz. Heavy-duty vinyl puncture resistance gives heavy use for any exercise.

  Simple cleaning: Closed cells are waterproof. Hence you can simply wipe it out with a towel or wash this aerial fitness mat with soap.


  • Expanded dimension:6Ft.(L)2Ft. 2 Inch
  • Weight:5 Lbs/2.27 kg
  • Color: Black/pink/blue/purple

6. Polar Aurora Folding gymnastic mat

Now our next choice is over 2k rated and a very exceptional crash mat by the famous brand Polar Aurora. It is unique because it has a velcro strap on each end.

This four-panel designed aerial silk crash mat comes with many advantages for the practitioners. Let’s explore now, why you should consider it before making a final decision.


Design: The Polar Aurora gymnastic mat is of larger dimensions four panels and a Velcro strap on each side. This allows you to add additional mats for tumbling runs if you need them.

Material: The surface of this aerial silk crash mat is from PU leather. It is non-absorbent. Most importantly, this gymnastic mat is fully high-dense and environment-friendly EPE foam. Furthermore, the soft and highly resilient feature makes it very user-friendly.

 Multi-function: The four-panel dimension and wider features(4 ft. width) allow it to use multi-functional activities. It covers aerial mat hammocks, yoga, dancing, martial arts, light stretching, and many power exercises very well.

Durability: The thick firm white density EPE foam and PU leather surface cover give a long long-lasting guarantee! Besides, it offers to protect the inner foam and ensure safety always for a long time.

Maneuverability: There are two handles on both ends to carry it easily. Moreover, the anti-moisture technology offers to clean and wipe out as well. Furthermore, you can split the mat into two if you feel for your junior family members’ exercises. The two sewn handles allow very much maneuverability for transportation.


  • Expanded dimension:10 Ft(L) 4Ft.(W) 2 Inch(Thick)
  • No of panels:04
  • Each panel dimension:2.5 Ft(L)4 Ft.(W) 2 Inch(Thick)
  • Weight:13 lbs/5.89 kg

The main benefits of folding aerial mats

1. Prevents injury: Though most of the aerial yoga poses are in mid-air with the yoga trapeze, setting an aerial mat hammock gives you ultimate safety! It protects your knees and gives comfort to your feet. In case you lose control, the aerial crash mat lessens injury significantly.

2. Practicing gymnastics exercises: This Means, you can perform any preferred kind of gymnastic exercise on the mat simultaneously! Additionally, a folding mat encourages you to do more workouts at the same time. 

3. Portable: Whatever you choose, a 3 or 4-panel folding mat, is always portable. The aerial crash mat requires minimal space to store and carry it anywhere. One is for many purposes, the aerial landing mat helps you do all types of workouts without much effort.


If you are a time savior and don’t want to pass time by doing a lot of research then come to our verdict. Searching for a great mat at a great price needs a reasonable time.

We see BalanceFrom tri-fold exercise mat is the best-seller badge crash mat. It’s fairly firm and economical compared to others.


The best folding aerial yoga mat helps you to perform many aerial yoga poses very smoothly. As we earlier saw many aerial asanas require an aerial landing mat reasonably.

Whereabout you do aerial workouts indoors or outdoors location, aerial silks crash pad assists you in performing workouts very well. We can set up yoga swings from many sources like freestanding aerial rigs, ceilings, exposed beams tree branches, etc.. A proper aerial fitness mat helps you a great way to reach the next level of exercise!

Frequently Asked Question

1. Do you need a yoga mat for aerial yoga?

In fact, aerial yoga is done in mid-air with the help of a yoga prop, named yoga trapeze/yoga swing or yoga hammock. A yoga mat helps a significant way to do many yoga swing poses very well.

It lessens the risk of aerial yoga injury. Moreover, the practitioners or yogis perform many traditional advanced yoga poses on it very simply with the aerial hammock mat.