Best yoga poses: You should do every day to keep you fit!

What best yoga poses do you know to keep you ultimately fit all time?

What best yoga poses do you know to keep you ultimately fit all time?

Yoga, a combined exercise of physical, mental & spiritual discipline, originated in ancient India, is now a global buzzing word, and has nearly half-million monthly search queries in Google globally. Simple to advanced or the best yoga poses or exercise is a sequential workout.

B.K.S. Iyengar (1966) & Sree Dharma Mittra greatly explored the ins  & outs of body & muscle movement with its influence on our healthy life. Iyengar showed more than 200 asanas, Dharma Mittra discussed & expressed “The master yoga chart of 908 posture” in 1984. The globally accepted book of Mittra’s “Asanas:608 yoga poses’’ was published in 2003.

Here, we assemble the most beneficial yoga poses to prevent & cure unpleasant body illnesses as well as mental freshness.

Yoga sequence morning

Yoga for the beginners

Standing yoga poses

Yoga for back pain; basic pose chart

Yoga for lower back pain relief

Salutation to the sun

Yoga for backbends

Yoga for a forward bend

Yoga for digestion

Yoga for gas relief

Yoga for stress relief

Yoga for high blood pressure

Yoga for sleep

Yoga for a flat belly

Yoga for weight loss

Yoga for shoulder pain

Yoga for hips

Yoga for hamstrings

Yoga for joint pain

Yoga for runners

Yoga for quitting smoking

Yoga for kidney health

Yoga for the pregnant woman

Detox Yoga

Yoga poses for kids

Finally, yoga is a certain body posture for some time. We usually don’t do these asanas in our daily life. By this yoga, our limbs and body parts get rejuvenated and further increase our mind control!

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