John M. Thomas

John M. Thomas

John M. Thomas is a seasoned aerial yoga trainer with a wealth of experience in the field. With a passion for fitness and a deep understanding of the mind-body connection, John has dedicated his career to helping individuals discover the transformative power of aerial yoga.

Aerial Yoga and Pregnancy

Aerial yoga & Pregnancy

Aerial yoga is a blend of traditional yoga, pilates & dance moves. It is done in the air from a suspended source with the help of a hammock. Doctors & practitioners now recommend yoga & flying yoga to ease one’s motherhood. Aerial yoga &…

Is aerial yoga good for weight loss?

Is aerial yoga good for weight loss

Aerial yoga is gaining popularity in the fitness community because it combines acrobatics with mindfulness in a captivating way. But besides its impressive performances and elegant poses, can aerial yoga assist with weight loss? Let’s dive into the enchanting world…