10 Powerful Aerial Yoga Quotes to Inspire You All Time!

Doing aerial yoga requires patience and focus. Indeed, in any exercise, you need to be regular and enthusiastic! Knowing the aerial yoga quotes certainly motivates and inspires you keeping you fit always.

By the way, Do you know the aerial yoga benefits? Yes, it has numerous health benefits. 

As, when you are in a gravity position, your vertebrae get sucked and release muscle tension.

Moreover, ACE(American Council on Exercise) recommends that doing air yoga significantly decreases our weight, relieves our degenerated back and neck and etc., etc.

Quotes about flying as well as upside-down yoga quotes not only inspire the practitioners, it reminds you always we need to stay inverse position at a certain time.

We studied a lot about aerial quotes and aerial silk quotes simultaneously. Following are our findings.

“Yoga is the unifying art of transforming dharma into action.”


“Aerial yoga is the combination of the sense of weightlessness and finding some steel in your core or upper body that made the class addictive” 


                                                                                   –Elizabeth Gowing

“When you’re hanging upside down in meditation instead of sitting right side up on your cushion, you can practically feel each vertebrae sucking away from the one underneath it, lengthening and stretching you out,”

                                                                    -Brigitte Bourdeau, NYC based Instructor

‘I would start a revolution, but I just bought a hammock”

                                                             -Zack Galifianakis

“I have worked too hard to quit now through aerial position”

                                                            – Anonymous

 “Yoga is a science and not a vague dreamy drifting or imagining.” 


“A single 50-minute session of aerial yoga burns an average of 320 calories.

                                                                 -American Council on Exercise(ACE)

“Aerial yoga has particular benefits for strengthening and stretching the whole body, decompressing the spine, improving circulation, boosting digestion, and lifting one’s mood’ 


“Yoga teaches us to cure what needs to be endured and endure what can not be cured”

– B.k.S. Iyengar

“I just don’t do the treadmill; I hate that. I do Pilates and yoga. I’ve recently joined aerial Pilates; you’re in the air and with straps. It’s crazy fun.”

                                                            -Amy Jackson

Funny aerial yoga quotes by many yoga gurus show that aerial yoga postures increase body awareness and lessen our aging effectively.

For example, if we search aerial yoga Instagram captions through aerial yoga hashtags, we’ll be able to know how many flying quotes exist in people’s minds.

The“AntiGravity®” fitness studio is a popular name by modern aerial yoga pioneer Christopher Harrison. His aerial view quotes & aerial hoop quotes spread worldwide

with the blessings of newly exploring inversion exercise benefits.

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