6 Important aerial sports to learn now!

Followings are the best-practiced aerial sports.

1. Aerial bungee cords

A Bungee cord is popularly known to secure objects without tying knots. It may be an individual strap or set of altogether hooked straps held together by a metal ring. Indeed, due to its providing lightweight suspension and elasticity nature, bungee workout cords allow slides to any length whatever body tension you wish to reach!

2. Flying Pole

Earlier we knew about pole silks but flying pole refers to a more unique way of aerial sports. It is distinct in the sense that it combines pole fitness with aerial silks allowing the most innovative way to the aerial performance!

Performers who use flying poles incorporate an array of incredible flips, jumps, and tricks, with slides, climbs, and dance from a suspended free-hanging vertical pole that is completely from the ceiling joist.

So, ceiling heights may limit your aerial technique as well. On the other hand, alternatively, you can use an ”A” frame that is dedicated to aerial use at the same time.

If you would like to set up a flying pole at your home, you need to follow some formulas-

-First of all, measure your ceiling height, is it at least 10 Ft.? More height means more affordability!

-Then if you use a freestanding frame, connect carabiners so that you can fly freely!

It should remind you here that this sport without training may cause you to fall into risky and even fatal injuries! So, proper training is a must before exploring the flying adventure.

3. Lyra hoops

A standard hoop allows comfortable staying for a long time!

There are three types of Lyra tabs we see -tabless, single tab, and double tab.

Most standard Lyra hoops are hollow standard tubes. Just you can choose zero-point, single, or double-point Lyra.

But you need to understand the different dimensions of Lyra sizes and which one fits with one’s body height.

So, care is essential when selecting the size of the aerial acrobatic hoop. There are three couple of ways to find the right size. And, these are

1. The distance from the seat to the top of your head.

2. The measurement from the top of your hand until the seat-it is another way.

3. The popular measurement is to measure the foot of your length. The distance from the floor to the waist.

4. Pole silks-Silks on a dancing Pole

If you want to reach your fitness level to the next level then find your proper pole silks.

Pole fitness lovers, professional dancers, and beginner aerialists find pole silks as the most useful physical exercise tool. It is very simple to use at home, gym, club, bar, or for photography.

Manufacturers now produce high-strength steel pipe dancing poles.

The common features of aerial pole silks  are

-they are height adjustable.

-they are simple to put up and take down.

5. Static trapeze

You frequently hear the word ‘‘trapeze, as the swinging/flying apparatus of the circus performance, right? On the other hand, static trapeze indicates fixed trapeze where the bars and ropes mainly stay in place.

Mostly, static trapeze ropes are at least two human lengths. Solo or dual partners can perform working together. A partner act involves supporting each other’s weight, lifting, throwing, and catching each other simultaneously.

The most popular static trapeze is a triple trapeze where three trapezes lie in one bar. Usually, four ropes are connected with this trapeze frame. Here all performers are able to synchronize trapeze tricks and move very well.

6. Snake tape for Lyra hoops

Tape is essential to keep hands from slipping! It is vital to stay safe off the ground.

The thin self-adhesive tape helps you in an anti-skid way while in the flying pole or Lyra hoops.

There are some different types of tapes we see like M tape, rayon tape, etc. The later rayon tape has a finer weave compared to the M type. This means it is softer but harder to wear. This aerial tape allows greater grip and comfortable performance while using trapeze, Lyra(aerial) hoops, or other aerial equipment.

Manufacturers offer different color tapes now.

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