What to wear to aerial yoga: 7 ways in class/at home

Whether you choose what to wear to aerial yoga or aerial silks class and confuse the certain types of aerial clothing- lux/flux/Dulux? Then you are in the right place.

It depends on individual preference. But, I would recommend you avoid slipperily and it is a lion.

Anyhow, I’ll try to figure out here which type of tank/T-shirt fits perfectly for aerial

yoga class and which are for Lyra or static yoga trapeze.

Indeed, if you are a novice then out of many aerial yoga tips, we assemble here seven most important factors to consider here!

1. Form-fitted clothing

Unlikely yoga pants as we wear in traditional yoga are the best option here also. Cause, loose pants or bodysuits don’t give you enough grip with the trapeze fabric. Most importantly, when you are in an inverse position this loose clothing hinders you from smooth poses by raising it.

In the same way, billowy shirts will also obstruct you from flipping up over your head. So, to overcome those limitations tight-fitting aerial costumes, for example, a T-shirt is the best alternative way to aerial workout.

Some prefer backless bodysuits but your mind here that these don’t fit with Lyra/trapeze rather than aerial silks class.

2. Avoid snagging  ornaments

You may assume -what do you need for aerial yoga smoothly? Yes, for the perfect aerial

Silks performance wear, take off all ornaments as this snag you with trapeze fabric. The best advice for you is to avoid zipper types of aerial bodysuits. Moreover, wrist watches are also against aerial performance costumes as it snags with the trapeze fabric.

3. Aerial leggings

Yoga pants or aerial leggings are a crucial pick when you are in air yoga positions! Perfect.

Wearing the best leggings for an aerial yoga outfit relieves you from unwanted skin slippery as well.

Considering how wide your legs are, you need to check form-fitting simple leggings that don’t create any friction.  

Mind here that the best leggings for aerial silks are below the knee that supports extra grip during aerial flow yoga or aerial silks position.

Note here that leggings mean for women’s clothing and meggings for men’s aerial clothes.

4. Long or short  sleeves 

Covering armpits is an excellent idea for aerial costumes!  Yes, I would like to share with you that picking a long sleeve allows more comfort than a non-sleeve.

So, to avoid the bad experience of burning fabric underarms, you should wear sleeves as well. 

Short sleeves are perfect during the summer season. Wearing a topless or sleeveless aerial silk bodysuit in the aerial yoga swing may smear deodorant and sweat all over the fabric.

If not, it creates aerial yoga nauseous to others and yourself also on the way to feeling aerial heaven!

In other words, some prefer wearing longer bottoms because it helps the practitioners support much grip when doing some challenging inverse poses!

5. Trapeze or silks fabric quality

Thanks to modern manufacturers for the mild and twisty apparel fabric quality aerial silks.As I said earlier if you try traditional yoga poses on the fabric that’ll be ok for slippery fabric.

But, when you start trapeze yoga poses, you need to flip down or inverse the position. In this case, slippery or too slick fabric hinders you from performing such kinds of poses as banana man pose, backbend pose or star inversion poses, etc.

So, a cotton quality and non-slippery aerial yoga hammock is the perfect pick for what to wear to aerial yoga.

6. Gloves and Socks for aerial silks 

Indeed, stick e-gloves and socks help to bolt up aerial poses for a long time. Aerial yoga tips require aerial yoga stores simultaneously.

Both these are also vital as aerial yoga equipment. Where gripping is a must from foot or hand in a flying yoga session.

For any handstand, foot stand, or headstand aerial yoga postures, sticky gloves, and socks effectively help the practitioners to perform work out very well.

7. Undergarment

Wearing a free serene bra and burgundy Wunder under relieves you from uneasiness. In fact, doing simple to advanced yoga trapeze poses, you must be aware of these decent undergarments for comfortable aerial yoga gear. 

Aerial yoga classes: Five important aerial yoga tips before class 

What we stated earlier is what to wear to aerial yoga. But when you wish to perform flying yoga at home or in class, you need to remember five essential tips here.

1. Wear a proper dress as we mentioned here.

2..Get yourself well hydrated by taking snacks and water at least two hours before.

3. Arrive at class at least 20 minutes before so that you can adjust with minimum ceiling height for aerial yoga.

4. Carefully listen to what your instructor says and follow according as well.

5. Avoid nervousness. At first, it’ll be a hard job but if you are regular then you can easily be used to all kinds of step-by-step air yoga poses. 

In conclusion, we hope our thorough research on how to do aerial yoga in class or at home will help you to reach the next level.

Mind here that if you are a novice to aerial silks performance, then it‘ll be wise to start aerial yoga first and then follow the other aerial silks poses! 

Have a fantastic experience with sky yoga.

Let us know what you face odd or good in the comment below!

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