The nine amazing aerial yoga benefits: You may miss out!

Aerial yoga or whatever you call air yoga or floating yoga –the term is trendy in this 21st century. Welcome to our gallery exploring the aerial yoga benefits.

This hybrid mind-body workout comes with the support of an aerial hammock or yoga trapeze to perform all traditional yoga poses in the air. It additionally encourages inversion therapy as well.  A practitioner or a newbie should know the aerial yoga benefits while doing an aerial workout before & after now!

Amerian Council on Exercise(ACE) conducted survey research on 16 participants about the effect of aerial yoga on the human body.

“The survey shows a 50-minute aerial yoga session burns 320 calories, which is, in fact, comparable to that of power walking.”

                                                                           Lance C. Dalleck, Ph.D.,ACE

That article, also quotes-

“After the six-week program, participants displayed measurable reductions in some risk factors for cardiovascular heart diseases.”   

                                   Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D. ACE Chief Science Officer

Aerial yoga is a new yoga style out of 7 wacky yoga, an advanced form of traditional yoga poses which involves a circus hammock or yoga trapeze off the ground.

Since 2007, these aerial yoga poses have been developed and globally accepted by Christopher Harrison’s Anti-gravity fitness studio in New York.

 Whoa..hoo, A proven theory of aerial yoga is that doing it for a little time mind-body workout drastically relieves stress almost instantly.

                After aerial yoga at home or in the outdoor flying yoga session on any yoga swing stand, research findings are remarkable. The lucrative nine benefits are discussed here in –brief. 

  1. Improvement of body metabolism:

Body posturing in the aerial hammock releases our decompression of the spine & “recalibrates the body.” Weight is evenly distributed in the body, hammock, and on the earth so the practitioner feels comfortable while doing such kinds of advanced yoga poses. It backlashes body metabolism.

  1. Increasing the flexibility for the advanced yoga poses 

In aerial anti-gravity poses, from head to toe, our body gets deep stretches, releasing muscular tension & experiencing the proprioceptor response, which aligns the body as super flexible. It strengthens to perform Inversion exercises yoga, or beneficial yoga poses on the ground.

  1. Aerial yoga for weight loss

As earlier mentioned here three times for 50 minutes, aerial flow yoga in a week, rapidly burns the abs & thus amplifying VO2(max.) for gaining more slimy. 

  1. Increasing extreme physiological response 

Whether we walk, run, or sit –our vertebrae stay stacked. But in the aerial inversion position, the spine lengthens & relaxes. Moreover, reverse blood circulation for a certain time quickly refreshes our whole body cells. It instigates our brain to produce extra dopamine, endorphins & serotonin. This physiological response lengthened our pineal gland production for our supreme serenity & happiness.

  1. Increasing visualization of body awareness

While staying in free air on a yoga trapeze or aerial hammock, our mental focus & body simultaneously get more awareness than usual yoga on a mat. Body awareness meditation is another form of yoga. In an anti-gravity position, it is easy to visualize from toe to head yoga trapeze poses.

  1. Aerial yoga for physical diseases

While performing aerial yoga on the yoga hammock, the yoga headstand & handstand poses offer some health benefits. It excellently flexes your abdominal tissues, stretches & relaxes them. And thus, this suspension yoga strengthens the Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) system. Moreover, sky yoga effectively annihilates sciatica, back pain, and hip pain & further helps with hip openings.

  1. Quick relax

Sky yoga hammock or silk instantly takes you from the ground & makes you feel gravity. In this way, a practitioner can relieve stress faster. During inversion or any aerial poses, every cell gets fresh oxygen; thus, the body balances perfectly to produce the necessary glandular juice.

  1. Muscle strengthening: 

It effectively decreases bad waist & increases muscle strength. As gravity impacts the body more than typical yoga poses, so muscle gets more core strength in an aerial yoga workout. In this floating yoga posture, you need to work your core muscles to stabilize & balance yourself while performing an air yoga session.

  1. Aerial yoga is like inversion therapy

Inversion therapy is now an accepted health exercise by global health professionals. Recently, health experts gave more attention to aerial yoga as yoga trapeze enabling inversion poses effortlessly. This specified time of inversion mode greatly relieves lower back pain & lessens surgery also! 

In fine, the yoga swing benefits are theoretically unimaginable. It broadly affects fitness, digestive, cardiovascular, nervous, skeletal & endocrine systems.

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